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Colorful LED Hookah Ring Lamp

Colorful LED Hookah Ring Lamp

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This premium lamp is designed to make your shisha stand out and apart, allowing you to enjoy a heightened level of visual pleasure while smoking. Enjoy hours-long displays of vibrant colors that provide a complement to the relaxing aromas and flavors of your favorite tobacco. Advanced magnet adsorption technology allows for easy installation, while the included remote control makes it effortless to switch up colors, brightness, and more with just a few clicks. This Colorful LED Hookah Ring Lamp is an ideal accessory for any dedicating hookah connoisseur looking to heighten their smoking experience.

Specifications: Diameter : 16cm Color: RGB ColorfulPackage: Color Box

Packing List: 1. Ring Lamp *12. Remote Control *1 3. USB Charging Cable *1

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